Tesla Motors Simulator - 2018 update

I've spent some time updating a Tesla Motors Simulator I originally made to learn Unity. It's free so I will not make money from it - but people are playing it so I will learn a lot about what can go wrong when releasing a game. For example, after uploading the latest update some Mac and Linux users reported that the game was pink so I had to come up with a fix for that which was disabling fancy post-processing-effects and change from Linear to Gamma color space. If they had bought the game, they would have demanded a refund and given me a bad review. Anyway, this is the difference between the old and new versions - and a comparison with the real thing:

Update 1. New Supercharger model. The reason the cable in the old version looks strange was because you could move the cable and attach it to a car and animating cables are kinda tricky, but I disabled that in the new version.

Update 2. New Factory model. If you wonder how I made the trees and bushes, I've written an article about it here: How to make stylized "The Witness" trees in Blender.

Update 3. New Test-track model. Behind the factory, Tesla has a small test-track where they test new cars and let customers test their cars, which you can see on YouTube. When creating the first version I used Google maps as a reference, and when texturing it I used two large textures which is a really bad idea to texture terrain because the result is blurry. To improve the textures I used a method called Tri-Planar Texture Mapping

Update 4. New Model S model. When making a car in 3d you need blueprints to make it easier to get the correct shape. What I learned now is that blueprints are not always accurate. I've always thought there was something strange with the old Model S model even though it matched the blueprint. Then I realized that the blueprint was of an old prototype Model S so when I added new blueprints the shape was different, so I had to remake it for this update.

Update 5. New Model 3 model.

Update 6. New Semi model. About one year ago, Tesla revealed that they were making a truck, so I had to add it to the 2018 update. It's not 100 percent complete, it's missing some details in the back, but the overall shape is correct.

Update 7. New Roadster 2020 model. At the same time as when Tesla revealed the semi, they also revealed a new Roadster. The old Roadster was in the game and I've decided to retire it because maintaining five models is more work than enough. But I've added the new model - and YES! it can do 0-100 km/h in 2 seconds.

And if you want to play it, you can download it here: Tesla Motors Simulator.