How to make your boring animations more exciting

After I finish a piece of art I always make one of those spin around animations (I think they are sometimes called turntable animations). The basic idea is that you take a 3d model and rotate a camera around it 360 degrees so you can see all sides of it. While these animations might show the model they are also really boring to look at. For example this SpaceX Starship rocket I made for Tesla Simulator looks like this (nothing interesting is going on here - yawn!):

The other day I was watching an art critique stream on Twitch where DiNusty, who's a game industry professional, went through works by artists and gave them suggestions on how to improve them. One of the art pieces he reviewed was a video of a game asset. What he said was that he really liked that the game asset moved, which is much more interesting to look at. So I've decided to from now on always add some movement or effects to all of my spin around animations.

I usually make those spin around animations in Blender. Adding movement in Blender is really complicated because I don't have much experience of it. But I have experience from Unity so I know how to make movements and effects like fire in Unity. So from now on I will make all spin around animations in Unity - not Blender - unless of course they are high poly models you can't import into Unity. Why not? The models are for Unity anyway so why not show how they look in Unity?

After some research I came to the conclusion that the easiest way to make a spin around camera animation in Unity is by using Cinemachine. I had no experience from Cinemachine so I had to learn it but it was kinda easy - you just import the Cinemachine package. Then you add a Dolly Camera with Track to your scene, and then you animate the camera to move along the track how many spins around the model you need. To make a video of the animation you can use Unity's Recorder package.  

So what effects can you add to make your boring animations more interesting to watch? One good talk on the subject (it's extra good because it's just 16 minutes long) is a video where they show how to take a very boring game concept and make it more interesting by adding for example camera shake.

I recently made a very boring garbage container game asset for Tesla Simulator. The plan was to make a spin around video of it and put it on YouTube. But who would watch a spin around video of a garbage container? Maybe they would if I added some juice to the animation:

So from now on make sure to juice up your boring animations and get them likes!