The ups and downs of itch

A few weeks ago I found a site called where you can upload games, books, and assets. You can either give away the content for free or you can sell it. It's also possible to use the combination by asking people to pay what they want for what you've uploaded. I uploaded my (free) Tesla Simulator as an experiment, and this is the result (May 18th - June 4th):
  • 1956 views and 1240 downloads
  • 307 visitors came from my website, while 99 percent of the rest came from itch
  • 839 downloaded the PC version, 335 the Mac version, and 66 the Linux version. This was really interesting to know because I've previously ignored the Mac and Linux users, but they are also interested in your products!
  • A few people have made YouTube videos showing when they play the game. No-one made a YouTube video of the game before I uploaded it to itch
But what if you also want to make money? As usual it depends on the game you have, but someone on Twitter shared their revenue and it looked like this:

Itch is less crowded than the other channels where you can sell your game, but that's also good because it's easier for people to discover your game. It's also easier to upload your game to itch if it's not finished so you can maybe use itch to get feedback while developing the game and then release it on Steam?