Why marketing your company by sharing your knowledge is working

A few years ago I found a YouTube video where Jason Fried (@jasonfried), who co-founded 37signals, argued that the best way to market your company is by sharing your knowledge. You can find the article here: How to market your company by sharing your knowledge. Among other things, he said that:
  • We tend to buy products from someone who taught us something - not just from big companies
  • You should out-teach your competitors - not out-spend them 
  • We don't want to give away our knowledge because we are afraid that someone will steal it and use it against us, but you shouldn't worry about your competitors - but be aware of them. 
  • PR firms are a waste of money and advertising is expensive and can be difficult depending on the company you have 
  • If you teach, you will get an audience that will come back to you and spread the word about you to their friends 
  • One article by Jason Fried took 15 minutes to write, but more than 800,000 people has read it. How expensive would it be to drag in 800,000 people with ads?

I've tried to apply this since I wrote the article. Not every article on this blog has the purpose to teach something to someone, but most articles have this purpose. I've also extended this to not just write articles on this blog, but also explained how to program complicated games in Unity. Last week I wrote an article about how to Use Linear Algebra to solve problems in Unity with C#, and guess what? Microsoft's official .NET Blog gave it a link: The week in .NET – 8/30/2016.

Why is this link important? Well, Google is using links to determine at which position you should rank in the search results when someone is searching for something related to that link. And links from popular sites, like Microsoft, are more important than links from less-known sites. So even though in might not first look like much with a tiny link, that link is actually really important. And I wouldn't have got the link if I hadn't shared my knowledge to you! Moreover, I didn't spend a single dollar on writing the article and I also learned a lot by writing the article.