Why you should be pronoid and not paranoid

This is an excerpt from the book The Sell written by Fredrik Eklund, who is a top  New York City real estate broker.
I'm going to teach you a word: pronoia. It's the opposite of paranoia. Paranoia is when you think the world is against you in some shape or form. Pronoia is the happy opposite: having the sense that there is a conspiracy that exists to help you. I just decided that's how it is, because I said so. I run my life on pronoia, and I want you to start, too. Right now. Did you know there's actually a great conspiracy that exists to help you? It's called the universe. Step a little closer. Let me whisper it in your ear. I'm telling you that the world is set up to secretly benefit you!
Tell yourself that the person in front of you in the express lane, who is suddenly backing up the line with her credit card that won't work, is giving you a minute to flip through a tabloid and get a laugh at some of the preposterous stories and pictures. See how pronoia can make that frustrating moment a gift?