Book review: The Sell by Fredrik Eklund

Source: @fredrikeklundny
As I promised a few weeks ago, I've read the book The Sell - The secrets of selling anything to anyone by Fredrik Eklund. He's one of the best real-estate agents in New York, and probably the world because New York is the hottest market for real estates. Can you sell in New York, then you can sell everywhere. I've read a few other books on selling, and my goal is to read one new book on selling every year, which was recommended to me by one of the books. 
So this year I read The Sell. The author Fredrik Eklund is Swedish, and so am I, so I knew who he was even before I began reading it. He is not that famous in Sweden, and I believe he is most famous for suddenly begin speaking English during an interview on Swedish television where they began by speaking Swedish. Everyone has made fun of him since then even though it turned out the story was more complicated than that. I will not tell the entire story, but he didn't do it by mistake or that he had somehow forgotten how to speak Swedish. 
Like many other books on selling, The Sell will tell you that all salesmen/women have to be structured, be dedicated to selling, look good, dress well, and both you and the person you are selling something to have to be satisfied after the deal. 
The difference between this book and the other books I've read on selling is that The Sell has been adapted to the Internet age. Fredrik Eklund has included an entire section on how to be popular on social media, like Twitter and Instagram, because those tools are now important. He says that 25 percent of his business originates from social media.
Another large part of the book is dedicated to the person who is selling something. Fredrik Eklund says that you should "forget selling and begin by finding yourself." You have to believe in yourself and accept setbacks. You have to exercise, sleep (Fredrik Eklund is always sleeping for at least 8 hours), and eat healthy food. 
The part of the book that is most different from other books on selling is the part that tells you that you should be you. "If you want people to believe in you and in what you have to offer, you have to believe in yourself." I don't know if you have seen it, but Fredrik Eklund is famous for doing the so-called "high-kick," which is a kick in the air while yelling. He is even doing it in-front of clients, including the famous ones, so that they will remember him. Because selling is always competitive, you have to find a way to stand out. "The crazy and happy ones, not the normal and bitter ones, become the real superstars." Another example is that Fredrik Eklund is telling us to to leave the black funeral-suit at home and dress in something with more color. Fredrik Eklund is often wearing a blue suit.
So if you want to listen to a success story (Swedish guy without any contacts and money becomes a porn star in US and then the top real-estate broker in New York), improve your selling skills, and learn how to improve your life, then you should read The Sell.