Why you should read at least one new book on selling each year

According to Fredrik Eklund, the only thing you can't sell is your integrity. What you on the other hand can sell is your product or even yourself in a job interview. So we all need to learn how to sell. If your job is to sell something, which we now know it is, then the rule everyone will tell you is to read at least one new book on selling each year. I've done that. Two years ago I read the book 101 successful sales strategies and last year I read the book The Ultimate Sales Machine.
This year I will read the book The Sell by Fredrik Eklund (he in the image above). Originally from Sweden, Fredrik Eklund moved to the US, had a brief stunt in the porn industry under the pseudonym Tag Eriksson, and he is now a famous real estate agent. 
The other books I've read on selling were more general and maybe more how to sell through a phone or a product. So I hope The Sell will cover other areas (and not just the so-called "high-kick" practiced in the image above) and give new perspectives from the world of real estates. I will write a review as soon as I've read it.