Tutorial: How to make a boat float in Unity

A few days ago I promised to create a tutorial on how to make a boat float in Unity. I have delivered, and here it is: How to make a boat in Unity. The boat can currently just float thanks to our old friend Archimedes, but I will add more forces in the future, such as drag forces, propulsion forces, and forces from the waves. 

The math and physics iin the tutorial is based on this excellent article from Gamasutra: Water interaction model for boats in video games. It was actually fun to see that what I learned in engineering school is actually working, and the physics and math equations become less abstract if you can play around with them in a simulator like Unity. Who could have know nthat I would use something like cross product again?

Anyway, here are some images from the boat simulator.

And if you want to test the floating part of the simulator you can do it here.