Tesla Motors Simulator Update: Unity 5

Today I've finished about 90 percent of the work I had to do to upgrade the Tesla Motors Simulator to Unity 5. I've also added a small test version of damage physics, so sometimes you will see that the cars will be damaged if you crash into something. I also added a larger terrain and some obstacles you can jump from.
What's left is fine-tuning, like making the performance of the cars more world-like. I've used the real physics-equations, like drag and rolling resistance, but somehow the top-speed of the Model S is like 150 km/h and not 200 km/h as it would be in the real world. So I have to figure out what's wrong.  Neither the braking distance is perfect.
What isn't wrong with the simulator is the graphics. Unity 5 is beautiful compared with Unity 4, and the performance is also better despite the better graphics. So I've made a small comparison: