Boats, boats, and a little water

A few days ago I finished my realistic boat in Unity. I've used the real physics equations, such as buoyancy and wave drifting. It can steer around on the water, even though it needs a few improvements here and there. For example, the rudder is not 100 percent perfect, but that shouldn't be much of a problem to repair.
To market the boat, and the tutorial on how to make a boat in Unity, I decided to produce a 12 minute long video, which I also uploaded to YouTube:

The reason I decided to make a boat in Unity, and teach others how to do it, was that I had watched other videos on YouTube showing computer simulated boats. The main inspiration source was this video:

That simulation was also written in C#, but he is not using Unity. My next step is to build a hot air balloon, because the forces acting on a hot air balloon are actually similar to the forces acting on a boat. So that shouldn't take too long. I will also try to make a more realistic water, but I don't know if that is even a realistic idea because realistic fluid simulations tend to require more computer performance. But I can always give it a try and learn something new while doing it. This is the target:

The video above is showing an animation and not a game. The difference is that a game would have to update the waves 30 times per second real-time, while an animation is just storing the images on the wish me luck!


  1. Fascinating! Is the source available though? Commercial? Open source?


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