Tesla Motors Simulator Update - Model S Textures

There's a saying in the 3D modeling industry: "Mesh is only one letter away from Mess!" A mesh is the name of the 3D model and they tend to become a bit messy as you add more and more details. Also, if you are creating a 3D model for a game, you can't add too many details or the game will run really slow. So in the end you will end up with a mesh that's both messy and boxy. Luckily, you can hide most flaws with textures. 

To learn both Blender and Unity, I decided to develop a simulator where you can drive electric cars from Tesla Motors. I have experience from modeling vehicles in 3D, but not so much experience from painting textures for these models. This weekend I decided to finally learn how to add textures. This is the result:

And this is the result in Blender:

Looks interesting? You can test it here.