The Engineer Update 3

I've improved my Elon Musk biography book called The Engineer. This is the third update. It's not as big as the last update - just a few new sentences here and there. You can find the following:
  • More about Elon Musk's favorite author, Isaac Asimov, and how Elon Musk have been inspired by him
  • More about the co-founder of Tesla Motors, Marc Tarpenning, including how he became interested in the oil industry
  • I found the lawsuit the co-founder of Tesla Motors, Martin Eberhard, filed when he was forced out of Tesla Motors. So I've added a little more information about that
  • Elon Musk revealed in a new interview that Ronald Reagan is his favorite US president, so I added more about why he thought that
  • The longest update is a more detailed timeline where you can get a better overview of Tesla Motor's chaotic history
  • I've also improved the text with the help of a tool called Hemingway