Tesla Motors Test Track Simulator

When you are developing a car you have to test it. Most auto manufacturers have built their own secret test tracks where they can test their cars by exposing them to various physical demands. Tesla Motors is no exception and their test track is located behind their factory in Fremont, California. They inherited it from Toyota Motors that owned the factory before Tesla Motors bought it a few years ago. So if you look at the test track through Google Maps, you will see Japanese signs, they are driving on the left side of the road, and they are using kph and not mph. But that has changed now since Tesla Motors took over the track. 

Since I'm developing a Tesla Motors Simulator I thought it would be interesting to learn how to develop a racing track, so I decided to add Tesla Motors's test track to the simulator. There are a few images available here, and I could use Google Maps to get the overall shape of the track in Blender before I exported the track to Unity. This is the result:

Looks interesting? You can test it here.