Tesla Motors Simulator Update

As I've said before here, I'm currently building a simulator in Unity where you can interact with different cars from the company Tesla Motors. There's still a lot of things to add to it, but the basic features are there. This is the overall shape of the Model S compared with the blueprint:

It's possible to open all doors, the trunk, and the frunk (the front trunk in a Model S):

As you move closer to the car, the handles that open the doors will "move out" automatically as described in this video:

The real Model S will come in many colors, and I've added 4 of them so far in this simulator:

The Model S is 100 percent electric, and the main problem with electric cars is that it take a long time to charge their batteries. To tackle this problem, Tesla developed so called Superchargers that will decrease the reloading time:

So that's it for now. In the future I will among others add:
  • Textures to the interior
  • The bottom part of the car
  • Lights
  • More realistic performance. The top speed is about 200 km/h, but this version will only reach 160 km/h
  • More models, such as Model X and the Roadster

Looks interesting? You can test it here: habrador.com/labs/tesla-simulator/