Max Manus - Or how to make a game in 48 hours

Ludum Dare is a competition where you were supposed to make a game in 48 hours. With my newly acquired Unity skills, I decided to give it a shot. Each Ludum Dare competition has a theme, and this weekend's competition's theme was "beneath the surface." The theme was released at the same time as the competition began, so you have to find a good idea really fast. You will not have the time to change idea.

My first idea was "submarine," and as you can see from the submissions, a lot of other people had the same idea. Other ideas included "killing ratzilla" and "creeper simulator." But then I recalled a movie I watched a few weeks ago called Max Manus - Man of War. Max Manus was a Norwegian resistance fighter during World War 2. I decided to make a game about him.

This is the background:
The occupation of Norway started with the German invasion on 9 April, 1940. Within a few months, the unprepared Norwegians accepted the inevitable surrender. But beneath the surface, a few Norwegians weren't defeated. One of them was Max Manus.

The game is loosely based on missions Max Manus had to endure during World War 2. The first mission takes place when Max Manus decided to volunteer for the Finish Winter War that took place before Germany invaded Norway.

The second mission takes place when Max Manus has escaped from a prison/hospital and decided to cross the border to Sweden. He would then travel to Canada and Scotland to receive an education  in resistance fighting. It's a night mission, thus the dark image.

The third and last mission in this game takes place in Oslo. During the end of the war, Germany decided to force-recruit young Norwegians for work in their war machine. Max Manus will blow up an archive that contains information on who would be recruited.

Sound interesting? You can test it here.