December 3, 2011

A word on Adsense and Adblock

A lot of websites these days are using Google Adsense to make a little bit of money. But a threat according to some - against using Adsense - is the people who are using Adblock. Adblock is a browser extension blocking ads. But is this really a threat against your revenue streams and should you try to block these users who are using Adblock?

In this earlier blog post "Sell sell sell" we learned that to make our company successful and to attract users, the group you should target first are the "innovators." These innovators are probably the part of your users who are using Adblock. And if you block these innovators and are making their life hard when using your website - how are they supposed to be able to tell other people about your website if they can't watch it? These innovators are probably not going to click on the ads anyway.