Sell Sell Sell

I've heard a rumor that most companies are going out of business because they don't know how to sell. Some prefer to use all their energy and use it in product development - but what happens next? One can use SEO - but that's not enough. One needs links to rank high in search engines, but where are they supposed to come from if people can't find you when you don't rank high in search engines?

The book "Crossing the Chasm" by Geoffrey Moore says that the first step when marketing your company is to target "innovators". Innovators pursue new technology products aggressively because technology is a central interest in their life. Winning them in the beginning is the key to success. Other people trust in these innovators that the innovators know what is good and what is not. These innovators want:
  • The truth without any tricks
  • They want to be first
  • They want everything cheap
  • The can tolerate an unfinished product - which is good if one quote Reid Hoffman (Linkedin etc):
"If your not ashamed of your first release you release to late!"