October 19, 2011

Idea Overload update

Idea Overload has been updated. The user might not notice much, but the code is a little bit faster! Also a new business idea has been added by one of our users. Go and check it out at:

Idea Overload - Find new ideas

October 10, 2011

Idea Overload at KillerStartups.com

Idea Overload has been reviewed by KillerStartups.com. People seem to like the idea behind Idea Overload (they click like mad people - almost 1000 in one day), but they do not want to vote for it which is interesting. Maybe, the heading at KillerStartups.com is somewhat misleading. It says Free Business Ideas, but Idea Overload is more than that - Idea Overload is an idea generator - so it is more than just business ideas.