June 5, 2015

Video: Marketing for Indies - PR, Social Media, and Game Trailers

I found a video on YouTube called "Marketing for Indies - PR, Social Media, and Game Trailers." It is rather long, but very interesting.

Key points
  • He sent out around 1500 requests for people to cover the game Albino Lullaby on YouTube (and other services like Twitch), in articles (including bloggers), or through podcasts. In general, it was the smaller YouTube accounts that responded to the requests. He didn't get any response at all when sending requests for people to write articles about the game. At one point, he even gave up trying. But he continued to send requests to around 4 big (popular) people each week, and in the end 1 big people wrote an article about the game. Then other big people followed because they saw that article and were now also more interested in writing articles than before. But he argued that you will need both popular accounts and less popular accounts, because the popular accounts will Google the game and find articles and videos by the less popular accounts. If they hadn't found those articles, they would have ignored the game. 
  • You should know what the rules are, but also be ready to break them. 
  • Getting noticed is really hard.
  • You will need a press kit. It should include:
    • Description: Make sure you can explain your game in 1 sentence, 1 paragraph, and 1 article (each should describe the entire game). Make sure you test it on real people and notices how they react
    • Press Releases: Anything that is significant can become a press release. Most people who write articles will copy-and-paste the press release, so write a good press release, but most will not care about press releases - they want to play the game itself
    • Trailer
    • Screenshots
    • Demo
    • Links 
  • Use a spreadsheet to keep track of the requests.
  • Interact with popular accounts on Twitter, so the popular accounts will recognize you when you reach out to them. But don't spam, because he was kicked out from Reddit for spamming. 
  • Above everything, you have to make an amazing game.
  • Be open with what you do, have a blog and stream the development process (some stream their entire day). People love to read behind-the-scenes and stories about the little guy vs the evil big company.
  • Ask yourself: What can I do to make it easier for someone to write an article about my game?
  • Marketing of the game begins before the development begins. Start a Twitter account and a blog today and start getting recognized. 
  • When on Twitter, use the hashtags #indiegamedev, #videogame and use the website RiteTag to find other hashtags that you might use. 
  • Be 100 percent data driven - opinions don't matter!
  • 99 percent of the players will not play your game, but they will watch your trailer, so make sure the quality of the trailer is 100 percent.

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