March 22, 2015

You should watch this: The Heavy Water War

Last night I went to bed late. The reason wasn't that I couldn't sleep or was out late partying. The reason was that I couldn't simply stop watching the television series The Heavy Water War, which is a  six-episode TV miniseries from Norway.
Why Norway you might ask? To answer the question we must first tell what the television series is about. Basically, it tells the true story of the German nuclear program during the Second World War. The main German character is Werner Heisenberg, who was a Nobel Prize winner and also the scientist behind the German attempt to manufacture a nuclear bomb. But to make that bomb, the Germans had to purchase heavy water from a small factory in Norway.
Heisenberg's Norwegian counterpart is Leif Tronstad, who was also a scientist and the main scientist behind the factory that produced heavy water. When Germany invaded Norway, Tronstad fled to Norway and oversaw the mission to destroy the equipment that manufactured heavy water.
To destroy the equipment, the British flew in Norwegian commandos. This part of the story has been told before in the 1965 classic movie The Heroes of Telemark starring Kirk Douglas. That movie focused mainly on the mission to destroy the factory, while the television series also tells the story of what happened in England, what happened in Germany, and what the civilians in the heavy water factory were doing. 

So if you have 6 times 44 minutes to spare then you have to watch The Heavy Water War!

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