November 12, 2014

No wheels and an electric motor

We now have cars with electric motors, and we also have bikes with electric motors, but what about the boats? I don't know if this thing can be defined as a boat, but at least it behaves like one:

The "boat" you see in the image is a Q2A Electric manufactured by the Slovenian company Quadrofoil. Here are some basic data:
  • Price: From 15,000 Euro ($19,000)
  • Range: 50 km (31 miles)
  • Speed: 30 km/h
  • Seats: 2
There's one limited edition, but this data is from the standard edition. The difference between the two versions is the speed and range and thus the price.

According to the manufacturer, the Quadrofoil (the company name is also the name of the boat) is unsinkable because the hull is hollow. And it also comes with a built-in anti-collision system that absorbs the collision forces. When the Quadrofoil is not moving, the depth of the water you are operating in has to be at least 1 m. But when it's moving, the depth can be much shallower as the draft of the boat is as little as 0.15 m. 

Looks interesting? You have to wait until Q2 2015 before you can buy one.

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