February 8, 2014

Random Show Episode 23

A new episode of the Random Show with Kevin Rose (founder of Digg) and Tim Ferriss (author of The 4-Hour Workweek) is out! This is episode 23.

Lessons learned
  • Kevin Rose has some kind of middle-age-life-crisis and have begun to each month do something "epic," such as climbing a bridge, firing guns, meditation retreats, or simply reading a book.
  • Tim Ferriss has invested in Shyp - "The easiest way to ship your stuff."  
"A Shyp Hero (driver) arrives at your home or office, safely takes your unpackaged item(s), professionally packages it off-site, and sends it on its way. You only pay the cost of the shipping (no more than Post Office prices) plus a $5 pickup fee. If you send 2 or more items, we waive the pickup fee entirely."
  • Both Tim Ferriss and Kevin Rose are members of AngelList which is a platform for startups to meet investors, candidates and incubators. Individuals can the invest in what the investors has invested in with a minimum of $1000 (depending on the investor). So if you are tired of the traditional stock market, you can invest in the companies Tim Ferriss or Kevin Rose believes in. 


If you want to watch the rest of the episodes, you can find them here:
The Random Show with Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss

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