November 6, 2013

Why you have to use online backup

I came up with the idea for this article while writing How to market your company by sharing your knowledge. The essence of that article was that you should share your knowledge, but the problem is that it's really difficult to find out what you know that someone else doesn't know. One thing I know is that it's really important to backup your computers information online. When I wrote a biography on Elon Musk, I saved it to four different locations:
  • The computer
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Gmail

This is knowledge I can share because everyone is obviously not aware of the importance of backup. A few years ago, someone here in Sweden got a bag stolen and lost a really important essay. Did the person backup the essay? Yes she did - the problem was that she stored the backup in the same bag that was stolen. Another more recent example is, I believe it was an architect, who got 4 years of work stolen after someone stole his laptop from his car. He didn't use any backup and will now spend 1 year to redo everything that's lost.

Even if the knowledge is obvious to you - everyone else may not be aware of it. So if you are not using an online backup, please begin to use it. The most common alternatives today are:
  • Dropbox - 2 GB free, but you can get more free space if you share their service
  • Google drive - 15 GB free
Of these two, I believe Dropbox is the best alternative, but since they are free, you can install both on your computer. It's really simple, just install, drag the files you want to store online to the specific folder, and the files will automatically be copied to an online account. 

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