November 11, 2013

All episodes of the Random Show with Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss

Kevin Rose is the creator of and Tim Ferris is the author of the book series the 4-Hour x, where x is Workweek, Body, or Chef. They are friends and they meet randomly to film episodes of the Random Show, where they drink large amounts of beer and wine and they talk about things they've invested in, books they've read, and much more.

The Random Show appears on the Internet randomly, the length of each episode is random, and so is the numbering. To make it less random, I though it would be a good idea to collect them in one place. I've earlier collected them on this blog and summarized a few of them, so this articles should be considered as a front-page to the Random Show. You can actually find (almost?) all episodes on iTunes, but they are not summarized. 

If you like Kevin Rose, you should watch his other project called Foundation where he interviews entrepreneurs related to the technology industry, but you can also find a few other types of entrepreneurs.  

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