October 28, 2013

All Social News Websites

This is a collection of all available social news websites. According to Wikipedia, social news can be defined as:
A website that features user-posted stories that are ranked based on popularity. Users can comment on these posts, and these comments may also be ranked. Since their emergence with the birth of web 2.0, these sites are used to link many types of information including news, humor, support, and discussion. Social news relies on crowd sourcing to shape focus in a bottom-up fashion, forming a type of collective intelligence. Social news sites facilitate democratic participation on the web.

General news:
Digg - Used to be the largest social news website, but has declined as described in The rise and fall of Digg, and what we can learn from it

Reddit - Is currently the largest social news website (and one of the world's largest websites). Has several subsections like corgi, TeslaMotors, etc

Specialized news:
GrowthHackers - Growth hacking only

Hacker News - Startups, programming, technology, etc

Inbound - Inbound marketing, such as SEO, social media, content marketing, conversion rate optimization, etc

Trejdify - Business news only, such as stocks, dividends, trading strategies, management strategies, etc

StreetEYE - Finds the most shared financial headlines from around the Internet in real-time, and brings them all together on one page

Financier News - News related to finance

Data Tau - Data Science only

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