May 31, 2012

Learn something new to find new ideas

One way to find new ideas is to learn something new, so yesterday I decided to learn more about html5 game development. It's often easier to learn something if you make a game of it since it's more fun and easier to experiment. The first thing I did was to try out a remake in html5 of the old game Command and Conquer. The result was that the computer screen broke down while playing the game, and deleted 1 week of work which I had forgotten to make a backup of in Dropbox.
The question is however if it was the game that destroyed the computer, or if it was a random thing. One thing learned from the book "Design of everyday things" was that it is easy to connect events that doesn't have a connection. I'm currently too afraid to try that game again with my new computer...

If you are interested in html5 game development, you might want to watch this tutorial:

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