March 22, 2012

Another life saved by modern technology - this time it was Twitter

It happened again. Yesterday, another life was saved by modern technology - this time it was Twitter. We have written a post earlier about how Facebook and Skype have saved 8 people's lives. This is what happened:

The story involves 3 main characters - 2 of them are anonymous here since their twitter accounts are still available online:
  • @woman - the person who wanted to commit suicide
  • @man - the person who alerted the police through Twitter
  • @yb_sodermalm - the police officers who are using Twitter in their service

Here's the conversation (translated from Swedish):
  1. @woman: I'm alone at a hotel in Stockholm and everyone who cares about me are in Skåne (southern part of Sweden). There's only evil here
  2. @woman: sorry
  3. @man: @yb_sodermalm trying to reach @woman now! Hotel in Stockholm
  4. @yb_sodermalm: @man @woman why?
  5. @man: @yb_sodermalm talking about committing suicide
  6. @yb_sodermalm: On Twitter? Which hotel? If you found out - call 112 (911 in Sweden)
  7. @yb_sodermalm: @woman Hello the police from Södermalm (part of Stockholm) here. We want to help you. Where are you?
  8. @woman: @yb_sodermalm I'm at the rv hotel. can you help me? room 629. i cant take it any more
  9. @yb_sodermalm: We are coming immediately. Don't do anything stupid!
  10. @yb_sodermalm: We have arrived to the woman - she is physically unharmed

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