November 22, 2011

The Random Show with Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss

A new episode of the Random Show with Kevin Rose (founder of Digg) and Tim Ferriss (author of The 4-Hour Workweek) is out! This is episode 17

Untitled from Glenn McElhose on Vimeo.

Lessons learned:
  • TF owned no stocks or bonds - he had only invested his money in cash (super low risk) or startups (super high risk). On the other hand, KR argued that short-term US bonds are a safe investment because the probability that the US government will default is so low. 

  • KR recommended the book Steve Jobs, and TF recommended the same author's other books: Benjamin Franklin and Einstein
  • Both TF and KR recommended Fab - "the place to discover the most exciting things for your life."
  • KR had begun using a new device called Up - "a wristband and app that tracks how you sleep, move and eat - then helps you use that information to feel your best."
  • TF recommended the travel site Trippy.

If you want to watch the rest of the episodes, you can find them here:
The Random Show with Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss

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