March 5, 2015

Prepping within reasons: Tools

This article will continue discussing my newly acquired philosophy on prepping called "prepping within reasons." The idea behind the name originates from the entrepreneur Elon Musk, who said that he is an "environmentalist within reasons," because hardcore environmentalists tend to have a too constrained lifestyle. While the introduction article talked about why, we are now going to talk about how! 
I've been to the army (we in Sweden used to have a conscript system, so I didn't have much of a choice). But you don't really learn basic survival skills in the army, at least not if you are in a tank unit. Yes, I've lived in a tent in a forest for 2 weeks while cooking dry food. But that's not surviving, because each day a green truck appeared with both clean water and hot food. You can't expect that service if you are a civilian.
So to learn basic survival skills I found the book SAS Survival Guide (I guess some military personnel learn survival skills). But don't worry, the book doesn't assume that you are in the army, so all civilians can use it. One thing I learned from the book was that if you are going to survive on your own you will need a loooong string. Because with a string it's much easier to build traps, shelters, fishing lines, and much more.
Remember that we are here prepping within reasons, so we don't need everything from the SAS Survival Guide. We just need the basics. So this will be a short list of equipment you should have in your home anyway:
  • Multi-tool
  • Medical kit
  • Flashlight
  • You should also save a few empty plastic bottles before you bring them to the recycling station (and maybe fill a few of them with water). If you and everyone else hears that something will happen that might affect the water supply, it might be too late to buy new empty bottles to store water in because everyone else is trying to buy the same bottles.
  • A radio that you can crank up so you don't need batteries. Most of these will also allow you to connect your smartphone to it, so you can crank it up as well. 
  • The same with food as with water. People will buy all canned food in the store, so it can't hurt to have a few in a drawer (you can always give them to your cat before they get too old). You should be able to eat them cold. I mean you don't have to stack them like this:

Source: Survival Spot

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