March 11, 2015

Meanwhile in Ukraine

A few hundred miles from where I live, people are actually preparing for a siege of their town by pro-Russian forces. I'm talking about Mariupol in eastern Ukraine. Even though it is currently relatively calm down there, the conflict is far from over.

When I did my military service about 11 years ago, the idea that I would actually have to apply what I learned on an invading army was far from what I could ever imagine. "Luckily" that was more 10 years ago, and the Swedish army believe that you are too old if you haven't applied your skills since then, so I'm in the reserves. Moreover, my old regiment has been put down due to cost savings and the buildings are now a regular school. But who knows what will happen in the future?

Anyway, if you want the best updated from what's going on in Ukraine, you should watch the series Russian Roulette produced by Vice News.

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