March 1, 2015

Hey ho, let's go!

Hey ho, let's go! is a song by the Ramones. It is also the title of this article, which is also the first of a total of 100 articles I'm going to write in as many days. If you are Swedish and a Twitter user you might have noticed an unusual amount of tweets appearing today with the hashtag #blogg100. Blogg 100 is a "movement" or rather a challenge that a lot of Swedish bloggers paricipate in each year. The idea is to blog more by blogging at least once each day for a total of 100 days. 

About 2 year ago I participated in the #blogg100. After writing 100 articles I could actually notice an increased traffic to my blogs. For example,
  • The number of clicks increased by 123 percent
  • The number of impressions increased by 107 percent
So since I've not really prioritized blogging recently, I've decided to write 100 articles in as many days. 

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