April 13, 2014

Catacomb Snatch 3D

The makers of Minecraft, Mojang, made small game during a weekend for charity purposes. It was called Catacomb Snatch. Like Minecraft, Catacomb Snatch was made in Java and was a multiplayer game where the goal was to transport an unknown liquid from the center of the map to the start area. This is how it looked like:

I thought it could be a good idea to make a new version of Catacomb Snatch but in 3D/2D and at the same time learn Unity. The first part was to make a map generator that could read a small image file where each pixel in the file is a wall piece in the final game. So if you want to move a wall, or create a new level, you just have to edit the image. 

Catacomb Snatch 3D is different from the original version. The idea is that an explorer is exploring the desert, but his car breaks down. To find his way home, he has to walk through the desert. The problem is that he is low on water, so he has to find some. 

He discovers an unknown building. To get inside of the building, he has to use bombs. 

And to see inside of the dark building, he has to carry around a lamp.

The creatures are actually not hunting anyone (it may change in the future). The bats are harmless, but the snakes and the mummies will hurt the explorer if he's too close. To get through to the water source, our explorer can use bombs or his gun to kill.

If our explorer find his way to the water source, and drinks to 100, he will be able to walk through the desert without dying from lack of water.

Sounds interesting? You can test it here.

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