May 14, 2012

Chris Poole speaks about content aggregators

Chris Poole is the founder of the company 4chan where you can upload pictures and discuss them with other users. Please don't visit the site if you have a weak heart since the content could be a little bit on the edge - but that's what many users around the world likes. Anyway, here he is giving a talk about content aggregators on the Internet. The essence of a content aggregator is that the website collects content from around the web and distributes it in some form to the users of the site.

Since Trejdify is a content aggregator, it's interesting to see what we can learn from the talk:
  • "Forums are the dinosaurs of the modern web."
  • "You need to create more value than you capture." Trejdify collects content - and adds value since our users can vote on that content to find the best content. I think this is why Twitter fails as a news aggregator - with Twitter you get this almost endless stream of tweets without any chance knowing which of the tweets are the best. You have to go though them all. Also, older tweets seems to disappear in the twitter-search, so you don't have a chance to revisit old discussions. At Trejdify, it is possible to save the news and watch the old comments. 
  • "We are bombarded with so much information that we need ways to filter the content." 

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