August 26, 2011

Things to avoid when creating an SEO firendly Website

Do not use frames

Use tables and/or css. Some people might say that tables are bad from an SEO perspective - but tables are fine with modern search engines.

Do not use Flash, JavaScript, Java

Search engines can not see flash - use only flash on a small part of your Website if your want it to be optimized for search engines. If you have JavaScript-navigation you need another navigation as well based on links.

Avoid clutter

If a page is too large - Google might not be able to read it through. Make sure to include as much as possible, such as JavaScript, CSS, etc.

Accept it is hard for search engines to read dynamic pages

One parameter is acceptable. More than one parameter is probably not good for a search engine - but they are getting better at handling dynamic pages with more than one parameter.
One can use the canonical-tag in the heading of a dynamic page to link back to the "real" page.

Do not use special characters

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