August 26, 2011

How to use keywords

In your URL

Search engines read URLs, looking for keywords in them. If someone searches for rabbit jumping and your domain name is, then it is a match. But Google can sometimes find text within words, if you have the domain name But the benefits of having a keyword in a domain name is small - so don't feel sad if you don't.

On your Website

Choose one main keyword phrase for each page, but also try to add the other keyword phrases and keywords throughout the page. Use the keywords multiple times on a page - but not to often. Use the keywords near at the top of the page and in the beginning of the sentence where you use the keyword or phrase. The keyword or phrase should be in:
  • Bold text
  • Italic text
  • In a bullet list
  • Text larger than the other text on the Website
  • In a heading tag
  • Uppercase the first letter in each word: Rabbit Jumping

In the title-tag

The title-tag is what people see as the first line when doing a Google-search and is one of the most important components of a Website if you want to SEO-optimize it. It should contain the keyword phrase in the beginning of the tag and 40-60 characters including spaces. Words in the title are bold if they appear in the search result and match what the users wrote in the Google-search-window.
Example: Rabbit Jumping Info. Rabbits, Bunny, Exercise, Fluffy, all kinds of Rabbit Jumping

In the body-tag

The text here should be around 100-250 words

In the structure of your Website

Keep a flat directory structure and keep your pages as close to the root as possible. Use only lower-case URLs since people remember them easier. Use friendly file-names related to the content such as:
Do not use:

In your meta description

The major search engines usually find the keywords in the page and use that as the description. If the search engine can not find the keywords - it uses the meta description tag below the title tag when someone uses Google-search. Can be around 250 characters including spaces - but you can analyse if the description is too long in the "content analysis section" in Google Webmaster Tools. Words in the description are bold if they appear in the search result and match what the users wrote in the Google-search-window.

In your meta keywords

8-12 keywords. But Google does not use the keywords tag - but other search engines may use it.

In your h1-tag

Place keywords here. One h1-tag on each page.

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