August 26, 2011

How to SEO optimize a link

The link-text - the text you click on - between pages within your site should contain the keywords you have. You can still use "click here" but combine it with your keywords. This is also true if other people are linking to you from another Web site. Describe where the link takes you. It is a fact that people like long link text so do not worry that your customers do not like your Website because you have long link text.
  • A link from a similar site is better than a link from another more off-topic site. Rabbit sites should link to Rabbit Jumping sites.
  • The keywords in the link pointing to your site are also important.
  • Links from pages with high PageRanks are more valuable than from pages with low PageRanks.
  • Search engines looks for groups of Websites related to a particular subject. Try to be the site that appear to be most central - in the middle. But do not confuse this with a link farm - an automated system creating links.
  • Do not mix with when linking between you own pages
  • Use the entire URL:


Some bloggers managed to show George Bush´s bio as the first hit in Google when one searched for miserable failure. The bio did not contain the words miserable or failure.

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