August 26, 2011

Choosing SEO keywords

Keywords - What you type into Google when searching for something. Use these links to find out what people are searching for to find your keywords:
Find both individual keywords and phrases. If you optimize for rabbit jumping (people are searching for this phrase) your are also optimizing for rabbit. This is better compared to optimizing for only rabbit.
Which keywords you should be looking for:
  • Use Google Webmaster Tools to find out which keywords your site currently has according to Google.
  • You can "borrow" keywords from your competitors - go an look at their source code and their text.
  • Include misspelled words such as: "rabit jumping" Create a fake page with the title "rabit jumping" and provide a link to the page with the correct spelled word.
  • Split or merged word: rabbit jumping and rabbitjumping is NOT the same thing in Google.
  • Singular or pluralis: Search engines treat singulars and plurals different. Rabbit and rabbits.
  • Synonyms: rabbit - bunny.
  • Most search engines are NOT case sensitive: Rabbit and rabbit is the same.
  • If you are into rabbit jumping in Sweden - then add Sweden to the list.
  • Add your company name - including Microsoft, MS, MSFT, etc.
  • Google they keyword - and if you find many ads - then you know the keyword is popular and you should probably choose another one.
  • Google the phrase you want to optimize your site for. Google "rabbit jumping" and you will find 247000 results. But remember that you do not compete with 247000 other pages. All of these pages are not optimized for "rabbit jumping" - they just have the phrase "rabbit jumping" in them.

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